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Chapter 10: Entering the Hold


birdie 25 bdayBIRDIE –
Bachelors degree –
Seminary degree –
First job lined up –

Unfortunately, life doesn’t go by check lists.

The boarding school was located in a secluded area in beautiful Virginia. In many ways, it was a wilderness.

What does this part of life have to do with the NarroWay story?


Maybe it made us realize:
If hell is worse than this, we don’t want anyone to go there!!

That’s it!

When the time isn’t right or there’s something left to learn, God puts us in a HOLDING PATTERN.

Holding Pattern: "the flight path maintained by a plane awaiting permission to land."


A holding pattern is a dangerous place.

1) You can run out of fuel.
2) You can become complacent or impatient.
3) You can feel forgotten.
4) You can crash!


You have to remind yourself, my goal is to land successfully!

When God stalls, it’s never easy and it’s never pointless.

Our situation:
We were young, green as grass, childless and suddenly responsible for 75 roll-your-eyes TEENAGE GIRLS!

And they all had HORMONES!

Most of the girls were there because the public education system couldn’t help them and their parents couldn’t tolerate them.

They were smart, with tremendous potential. But, for one reason or another, life just wasn’t working out well for these girls.

We were with them 7-days-a-week.

We lived with them. We ate meals with them.

We walked the halls twice between midnight and 6AM to catch “run-aways” or to find boys sneaking into girls' rooms. Then up to get them off to classes before taking on a full workday.

There we learned how a pregnancy test works. A positive result was always met with a sad, deep sigh – not the joy meant to greet a new life.

Sadly and out of our control, more than once a young girl was taken and sent back to school by her guardians, having suffered the tremendous emotional and physical pain of an abortion.

No one can tell us that women don’t regret abortions! We’ve been in rooms with young girls throwing things, screaming and crying because, “they killed my baby!”

We administered medicines and discipline; averted suicides and dealt with cuttings.

We searched rooms and mail packages for drugs. Cookies with marijuana. Jars of peanut butter, hollowed out with a bag of drugs stashed inside.

We supervised socials, led a Wednesday Bible lesson and taught a Sunday Bible study for the student body.

And we grew tired...weary...



Empty. ...Caught in a holding pattern. Running out of fuel.

We made wonderful friends at the school,

birdie rebecca marybritt

...but my best buddy and I were falling apart.

If you’re not careful, friendships can become trashcans.
Bad day? Take it out on your best friend.
Somebody make you mad? Be rude to your best friend.
Unload all your garbage into the lap of your best friend.
Pretty soon...you’ll be looking for a new best friend!

This holding pattern was taking a toll.

We only had a half-day off each week.

My seminary car had many miles so, after graduation, I bought a new one.

white citation 1980s

Since we worked and lived at the same places, I helped pick it out and agreed to pay half.

We hadn’t made the first payment and it already had some kind of mechanical issue! We were too far from the dealership to get it fixed fast.

One day I decided to drive home. It was an hour’s drive. Birdie couldn’t get off.

The car wouldn’t start that morning, so I held the choke open so Rebecca could start the car.

The road to home was dangerously curvy.

On the way back that afternoon, as I rounded a deep curve, the motor quit. The power steering went out. I couldn’t turn the wheel and the car went over a cliff.

The last thing I remember was the car smashing into a tree.

When I gained consciousness, I was in the middle of a creek, which was in the middle of nowhere.

wreck area road signHere is where Rebecca started over the cliff. The right side of the car ran over the downed yellow road marker. You can see how narrow the shoulder was. No guardrail.


tree hit in wreckIt’s a little hard to see, but the gash on this tree is where the hood of the airborne car hit. The rear-end of the car then fell, hitting the large rock barely seen in the lower right corner. That broke off the back tire and frame. Then the car landed sideways in the creek, facing away from the road. Cause was judged as “mechanical failure.”


The car was totaled. Rebecca almost was.


wreck injuriesThis photo was taken one week after the accident. Rebecca had multiple injuries but didn’t break a bone. She was not hospitalized!


But listening to people tell their old wreck stories is worse than hearing about their last surgery.
The point of this is...?
Even large, sophisticated planes have crashed in the holding pattern. Don’t underestimate the dangers. Keep reminding yourself that your goal is to successfully land the plane.

Soon a year had passed.

The phone rang.

It was God -- but He sounded a whole lot like Pastor Joe Brown and Tessie.
A few months after they finished seminary, they were called to lead a larger church in Kentucky.

Pastor Joe said: "Girls, I just had two, full-time staff positions open up. Will you come be my staff?"


Clear the runway, boys! This plane is about to land!!!

PS... You can recover from a crash!

1980's camaro


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Friday, 30 September 2022
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