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The Present

Today, NarroWay is one of the few premier Christian theater companies in the world. Located just outside of Charlotte, NC, the NarroWay Theatre features fun, family-friendly dinner shows in a schedule that runs year-round. Taking in a NarroWay show is one of the most fun things to do in the greater Charlotte area.

Original, large-scale, Broadway-style shows are NarroWay's trademark. Live animals, talented actors, original scripts, inspiring music and a delicious meal themed with the show are all part of the fun experience.

NarroWay is theater for everyone. Dinner theater shows are family-friendly. Groups of all ages enjoy NarroWay shows because NarroWay does more than bring the Bible to life; at NarroWay, life intersects with the Bible.

New shows are regularly added to the NarroWay schedule and old favorites sometimes reappear. But NarroWay also offers mystery theater shows, children's field trips, experiential tours, camel rides and other fun activities.

At NarroWay, guests see southern hospitality at its finest. Dinner is themed with the show and prepared fresh, onsite prior to each performance. The audience is greeted, seated and served by the performing cast. And cast members graciously interact with guests following every show. Guests from all over the world have been enthralled by the NarroWay experience, and NarroWay has received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for outstanding customer reviews for the past three years.

NarroWay finished her first performance season in 1997 with just under 70 cast members. Today, NarroWay boasts over 400 talented performers. Martin and Clark walked into a desolate amphitheater with one show and a big calling. Today, they walk into a thriving dinner theater with more than 30 productions in their repertoire. NarroWay has become more than just a name, for Martin and Clark and those who serve alongside them, NarroWay is a way of life. And for the thousands of guests who attend each year, NarroWay is an unforgettable experience!

The present...

  • 01 Dinner Shows
    NarroWay features Broadway-style dinner shows each weekend, in a schedule that runs year-round!
  • 02 Samson
    From "Samson,
  • 03 Fourth Cross
    To "The Fourth Cross,"
  • 04 Gospel
    "The Gospel According to Tennessee,"
  • 05 Lord Light
    "Lord of Light,"
  • 06 Love Story
    "Not Just Another Love Story,"
  • 07 Christmas
    Or any one of the large-scale productions presented at the NarroWay Theatre,
  • 08 Family Friendly
    You'll find family-friendly entertainment at its best!
  • 09 Live Donkey
    With live animals...
  • 10 Amazing Cast
    An amazing cast...
  • 11 Delicious Dinners
    And delicious dinners themed with each show...
  • 12 Fun For All
    NarroWay is fun for all ages!
  • 13 Mystery Theater
    Plus, NarroWay offers Mystery Theatre shows,
  • 14 Weekday Shows
    Weekday shows,
  • 15 Childrens Shows
    Shows for children,
  • 16 Camel Rides
    And camel rides!
  • 17 Something For All
    NarroWay has something for everyone!
  • 18 Entertainment
    Entertainment is changing the world. And that's why NarroWay is changing entertainment!

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    Just outside of Charlotte!

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    The NarroWay Theatre
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